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Students at The Putnam Dance Center have been competing regionally and nationally since 2002. Our competition dancers have not only made connections to last a lifetime, but have improved in their technique, performance skills, communication skills, and work ethic. They have learned to work together as a group for a common goal, one of the best life experiences dance can offer. In addition to this, competition has provided excellent opportunities for dancers to test their skills with other dancers from around the country. We have had numerous routines place first overall, obtain titles, and receive judges awards. Check out some of our accomplishments over the years here

One aspect The Putnam Dance Center values immensely in competition, is that it is not the size of the trophy, or the color of the medal that matters. There are so many factors that go into award placement, and it is extremely important to us that our dancers not only recognize their own growth within themselves, and their dance, but also appreciate the experiences and memories that they are creating. Competition is an opportunity to learn more about yourself as a performer, get feedback from professionals in the field, and connect with others in the industry.

We hope that you’ll join the team!

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Benefits of Competing

Dancers have the opportunity to learn from not only their choreographers, but also from locally, nationally, and sometimes internationally accredited judges. It is through these experiences that the students are able to hone in on their technique and performance skills to learn as much as they can while having fun performing on stage! This is done through video/audio feedback, written feedback, and scoring amongst other dancers from other studios. Also, various competitions will have conventions where dancers will be able to take class from well known teachers, have the opportunity to earn scholarships, and learn from watching other dancers their age.

In addition to gaining feedback on their dancing, students are able to be a part of a closely knit team that supports each other through thick in thin, giving them the opportunity to make life long friendships. The level of responsibility in the competition dancers often grows as well, as they are responsible for being prepared, remembering choreography and notes, being on time, and being a team player.  It is a great way to strive to be the best you can be as both a dancer and a person!

Performances Outside Competition

The Putnam Dance Center competition team students have the opportunity of performing more than just in the recital. In addition to the regional and national competitions we attend, every year we hold our annual “Dance and Dessert.” This event serves as a fundraiser for the team, but also gives our students the chance to perform their numbers on stage before competing them. Often, friends and family are not able to travel with us to competition which makes this a great opportunity for our loved ones to see us perform! Our dancers have also performed in events such as the Woodstock Fair, and in various nursing homes in the surrounding area.

What's the commitment?

The Competition Team has 4 levels to best suit our dancers. Requirements range from the amount of required classes, limit to routines, ages, the amount of competitions you have to attend and more. We even have a Mini Team for dancers 8 and under! 

Contact us for more details on expenses, which level your dancer would be in, and what the requirements will be. Dancer's should be available for Saturday and/or Sunday rehearsals. 





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